eventshoch2 – Roadshow for Lange Uhren


Schramm Werkstätten GmbH, Winnweiler, Germany
Lange Uhren GmbH, Glashütte, Germany

At the end of September 2010, the Schramm Werkstätten GmbH, in cooperation with the Lange Uhren GmbH, began a roadshow through six cities in Germany. Our event agency eventshoch2 organized events in three further cities for the Lange Uhren GmbH on their own without the Schramm Werkstätten GmbH. The roadshow took place in a different city every week.

For the Schramm Werkstätten GmbH, the decision to carry out this roadshow in cooperation with the Lange Uhren GmbH was quite an obvious one, since both companies provide craftsmanship of the highest order. The name Schramm is here a synonym for excellent handmade products and first-class quality in the manufacture of mattresses, as well as complete beds with matching items of furniture, up to textile accessories such as plaids and bed linen – Schramm is houte couture from the factory.


The Lange Uhren GmbH, as a manufacturer of premium watches of the highest quality, was here an excellent match to the concept of Schramm. In keeping with the high commitment to quality, various designer furniture stores, gourmet restaurants with Michelin star awards, and an artist's loft were selected as presentation venues. The roadshow took place in the following cities and venues:

Lange Uhren in cooperation with Schramm:

  • 23.09.2010 Berlin: Neue Wohnkultur GmbH
  • 30.09.2010 Stuttgart: Fleiner GmbH
  • 07.10.2010 Cologne: Pesch Wohnen GmbH
  • 21.10.2010 Frankfurt am Main: Leptien 3, Konzeptionen und Objekte für den Raum
  • 28.10.2010 Hanover: Die Insel
  • 04.11.2010 Munich: Betten Rid

Lange Uhren on its own:

  • 10.11.2010 Dusseldorf: Canonicus Loft
  • 24.11.2010 Bremen: outer roads
  • 01.12.2010 Aschaffenburg: Stefan Schwind GmbH

Under the watchful eyes of the security staff, the Lange Uhren GmbH then presented select watches to the invited guests in the venue, while an engraver gave a clear demonstration of how the watches and their components are elaborately decorated. Simultaneously, during the cooperation events, various filling materials, as well as patterns and models of individual mattress parts, were presented and comprehensively explained by the Schramm Werkstätten GmbH. It was naturally also possible to test the mattresses by lying down on them. With a glass of champagne and delicious snacks, the guests then quickly fell into animated conversation with one another in a pleasant atmosphere and it was a wonderful event for all those who took part.

Taking into account travel, assembly, the event itself, disassembly and departure, each event lasted three days. Our agency eventshoch2 was here responsible for the complete logistics of the glass cabinets, engraving tables and gifts, the secure transport of the valuable watches, security services in the venue itself, assembly and disassembly, as well as for the implementation of the complete event in the individual venues.

We are looking forward to further interesting projects with the Schramm Werkstätten GmbH and to continuing our very fruitful cooperation with the Lange Uhren GmbH.