eventshoch2 – 3 years proaxia ag

proaxia consulting group ag, Spreitenbach, Switzerland

In October 2011, the proaxia consulting group ag celebrated its 3-year company anniversary. The medium-sized management consultancy, with its headquarters in Switzerland and branches in Europe and Asia, has been able to establish itself as a prestigious company within a comparatively short time. This was to be celebrated with the team of more than 150 internationally active employees in the form of joint activities in an interesting European city during the day and with a wonderful event as the highlight in the evening.

As one of the culturally most interesting cities in Europe – with its unique architecture and history, as well as numerous possibilities for active and team-oriented events – Dresden offered exactly the right preconditions. Our event agency eventshoch2 was then commissioned with the complete idea development, planning and implementation of this event.

In keeping with the philosophy of the company – to provide customers with the most powerful team support possible – the event began in the early afternoon with various team activities, during which the participants were able to compete with each other. In the spirit of Robin Hood, the teams competed in archery and in throwing hay-bales using pitchforks. Or they tried to negotiate a previously set parkour using Segways. With wonderfully sunny weather, the good mood was evident in the laughing faces of all the participants from the very first moment onwards.

The historical buses then brought the guests on an adventure tour through Dresden's Old Town and, later in the evening, to the historical baroque castle of Rammenau. Once arrived, the guests were received and welcomed by the castle staff in a traditional manner according to old aristocratic etiquette. With its artistically restored rooms, the impressive castle proved a suitable and elegant setting for an elegant conclusion to the eventful day. There was something delicious for every one of the guests at a rich manorial buffet with numerous carefully prepared delicacies.

In the late evening, things then became magical. The illusionist and magician Harry Keaton, well-known from television appearances, amazed the guests with a program individually tailor-made for the company. Amazing tricks and illusions fascinated and impressed the participants and, along with the evaluation of the afternoon's joint activities, served as the topic of much conversation. Among animated conversations and a relaxed atmosphere, the event then ended exactly at midnight with the journey home through the night in the historical buses from Rammenau back to Dresden.

Even after this long day full of experiences and numerous positive impressions, the guests couldn’t help exchanging excited notes about what they had experienced until late in the night. On the following morning, the participants, positively motivated by the experiences of the previous day, once again departed to their respective branches all over the world.
We say, “Gruezi” and “Uff Wiedrluage”! We are already looking forward to the next anniversary with the proaxia ag.