eventshoch2 – End-of-year Event for VON ARDENNE

VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH, Dresden, Germany

With more than 600 employees in their Dresden premises, the VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH celebrated their end-of-year party in December 2011. A conscious decision was made not to celebrate this event as a Christmas party in the traditional sense. And so, our event agency eventshoch2 was commissioned with the creative planning and complete implementation of the event.

VON ARDENNE chose the Parkhotel in Dresden as the venue, which our decorators and event technicians transformed into a fascinating dreamworld, in keeping with the high-quality and varied character of the event. More exactly, into three dreamworlds, for our idea was to allow the guests to enjoy three completely different worlds during the course of the evening. Each world was supposed to offer its own artists and shows as well as decorations and moods, which corresponded thematically to each world, delighting and involving the spectators.

The challenge here each time was to effect a complete conversion during the on-going event, when the visitors left the real world and entered the new world. This conversion was supposed to form part of the experience and to take place in less than one minute, so as not to have the guests lose their good mood. With the appropriate excitement, the guests experienced the immersion of the room into total darkness for the lightning-fast conversion, and were all the more surprised when it once again became bright and they suddenly found themselves in a completely new world with new decoration.

The individual shows were each completely produced and choreographed exclusively only for this event and individually for VON ARDENNE. They created a great impression with their breath-taking artistry, creative and surprising elements as well as exciting music. The guests enjoyed a total of three impressive shows and rewarded the performances of the artists with loud applause.

In keeping with the basic idea of the event, it was decided to have the catering in the form of a flying buffet. The delicious and artistically prepared culinary delights were therefore brought on trays to the guests directly and quickly.

The evening then ended in the Blue Salon of the Parkhotel, where our DJ on the turntables once again really warmed up the guests. Upon leaving, the guests received a gift specially created for the journey home, consisting of hand-crafted chocolate, in keeping with the Christmas season. However, it is quite probable that its delicious taste will have tempted quite a number of guests so that it never made it all the way home...

We would here like to wish all the employees of VON ARDENNE a Merry Christmas and a relaxing vacation.