eventshoch2 – From WHITE to BLACK / A worldwide unique project

3M Deutschland GmbH, Neuss, Germany

With more than 90,000 employees and 55,000 products in 200 countries – as well as 25,000 patents – the multi-technology group 3M is one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. This strongly positioned company was exactly the right partner for an extremely demanding, ambitious and hitherto worldwide unique project implemented by our Dresden event agency in spring 2018.

The “star” of the project was a Nissan GT-R MY 2017, known to connoisseurs by its notorious nickname “Godzilla”. Not only because this Japanese model attracts attention with its idiosyncratic look immediately and everywhere, but also because, with its road performance of 570PS, it is just as wild as the monster itself and easily eats for breakfast even renowned sports cars such as Porsche and Ferrari.

In February 2018, this Nissan turned up at our event agency in Dresden – in innocent snow-white! However, these optics did not match up quite so well with its reputation as a beast of the road. An optical transformation is urgently needed, we thought! Our plan was simple – to transform it to a deep black! And since we at eventshoch2 get really excited about new, unique and special challenges – as is also the case with our events – it couldn’t be just any normal black. It had to be something that hadn’t been seen anywhere in the world before.

Appropriately enough, 3M had launched a further innovation on the market at the end of 2017 that seemed to us perfect for our daring project. It was called the 3M 1080 MX12 Black Matrix. Behind this mysterious name is concealed a novel matte black vehicle foil with the special feature of a raised honeycomb structure. At that time, not a single vehicle worldwide had been completely wrapped in this foil. So, for us, the decision was clear. It had to be this foil! We wanted to be the ones who first were able to completely wrap a car using this material!

However, there was a good reason that not a single car worldwide had yet been wrapped in this foil. To apply the black foil onto this special vehicle, with its numerous edges and dimples, and over its entire surface, without wrinkles and with no visible white spots, is a huge challenge for any vehicle foil wrapper. This is because he has to be especially precise and extremely accurate here when cutting and working the foil due to its honeycomb structure. A very demanding job, which sent us on a search throughout Europe for a partner who would be able to process the foil as required. After a long search and a fair number of setbacks, we finally found the right partner in the CarTuningFactory.

3M was so excited about our unique venture that the company supported our project with this particular foil as a partner. We promised a lot – and delivered accordingly. After many tough working hours, including several nightshifts for our foil wrappers, the formerly snow-white vehicle now rolled out of the hall in the shape of a grim black monster. Finished with an epoxy resin surface seal for maximum resistance against scratches, stone chips and other environmental influences, we had succeeded in creating a unique work.

And our unique undertaking also caused a stir worldwide. Our project was seen and shared more than 70,000 times in social media such as Facebook and Instagram, numerous contributions were posted in tuning forums and communities, and there were around 7,500 views on YouTube alone of the CarPorn-Film professionally produced by us specially for this project. To top it off, in autumn 2018, our project was published as the title story of the prestigious WRAPS magazine (THE trade magazine for films and vehicle wrapping).

We are very proud to have been the first company in the world to realise this project in this way and we would like to thank all the other partners who became involved for their active support, in particular 3M.