eventshoch2 and queo GmbH – AOK TOUR „Mein Herz und Du“ (My heart and You)

Queo GmbH, Dresden, Germany

Did you know that heart attacks can occur primarily from the age of 35? In the case of women, the age is even lower than with men! You didn’t know? Neither do a large percentage of the population! For this reason, the AOK, as one of the largest public health insurance companies, has launched an education campaign called “Mein Herz und Du” (My heart and you).

The campaign is intended to make people aware of the possible risk of heart attack and to inform people insured with AOK about possible preventative measures in consultation sessions.

Together with the AOK, queo GmbH chose us as a suitable partner for the implementation of the series of events. For our event agency, it was something very dear to our hearts to help disseminate this information and to provide the campaign with targeted support.

The destinations of the AOK Tour were Dessau, Halle and Magdeburg. In all these locations, we set up and maintained the stand. Divided up into several sections, a very expressive stand concept aroused the interest of numerous visitors and contributed to enlightening discussions.

Nutrition, exercise and consultation were the 3 central components both of the stand concept and of the campaign itself, which combined all the key preventative measures with each other. The participants were made aware of the risk factors and learned about guided improvements.

All in all, we had the privilege of accompanying and actively supporting the AOK and queo as a partner for 4 days. We would like to express our thanks for the mutual trust and cooperation and are looking forward to new joint projects in the future!