eventshoch2 – Corsa d‘Elb-Florenz 2018

OKA Büromöbel GmbH & Co.KG, Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Germany

Since 1858, OKA has been synonymous with high-quality office furniture bearing the Made in Germany label. These specialists in individual office equipment have always been committed, first and foremost, to quality, sustainability and reliability. With so much in common, it was natural to commission our event agency eventshoch2 with the implementation of the Distributor Conference 2018 and with the related customised incentive in September. The aim of the event was to consolidate in a sustainable manner the relationship of the distribution partners with the OKA brand. Our event agency from Dresden developed an individual event concept for 100 guests, which focussed on emotions, skilfully combining them with the OKA brand to create a harmonious overall experience. The attention to detail which the OKA customers value in the company’s products and working methods was intended to be the central element running through the whole incentive.

We had something special prepared for our guests on the very day of their arrival. OKA hosted a guest reception high above the roofs of the city, with a wonderful view of the Dresden Zwinger. This was followed by an interesting presentation on recent innovations, as well as a look into the future and the company’s upcoming innovations. A little later, the day ended with a breathtaking view of Dresden by night in a relaxed atmosphere with summer temperatures, dinner music and cocktails, as well as a meal consisting of courses which complemented each other perfectly and in which every detail was just right.

On the next day, the aforementioned attention to detail was once again displayed in a marvellous way. 40 exceptional gems of automotive history, with a high gloss polish, competed with each other in glittering brilliantly for our guests in the sun. Whether Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, BMW or Ferrari – we had lined up the whole range of the art of automotive engineering for our guests ready to drive. But this was meant to be more than just casting admiring looks –getting behind the wheel was also part of the plan! After detailed instruction by our guides, the starting signal was then given for the historical rally in and around Dresden – the “Corsa d‘ Elb-Florenz”.

The Corsa combined fantastic driving through landscapes bathed in the colours of late summer with various stops which, in their turn, once again took up the subject of “attention to detail”. And so the guests were able to experience the Frauenkirche, which has been rebuilt in painstaking detail using thousands of stones. They visited Pillnitz Palace, whose unique architecture is reminiscent of the magnificent Versailles Palace, and, at the world-famous master watchmakers in Glashütte, they were able to admire how a ticking work of art is ultimately created using hundreds of tiny parts, which not only tells the time but is, above all, a piece of jewellery displaying attention to detail on the wearer’s arm.

In the evening, everybody then got back into their vehicles for the last time, to once again enjoy the balmy breeze, the smell of benzene, and the sonorous rattling of the motors, while the sun was slowly setting. The destination and, at the same time, the end of the Corsa d’Elb-Florenz was an evening reception with live music followed by a gala dinner, at which once again attention to detail – this time in the form of the most sophisticated Michelin star cuisine and exquisitely served delicacies – was taken up, culminating then in the formal award ceremony.

The numerous expressions of thanks by the guests after the event about (quote) “a perfect event” and (quote) “a unique and wonderful day” made us, as the organising event agency, very happy and proud, and we are even now looking forward to the next high-quality event for OKA Büromöbel and its guests.