eventshoch2 - 10 years Immobilien Investment Akademie

Immobilien Investment Akademie, Dresden, Germany

Whether condominium, house, apartment block, maybe even an entire castle, or rather a commercial property - the topic of real estate is complex and sometimes very complicated. It gets even more complicated if you want to make profits with the property and become a real estate investor. At the latest you are well advised to take a closer look at the specialist training offered by Immobilien Investment Akademie. In terms of wealth accumulation and permanent asset protection, is mediated through profitable real estate investments. Since its inception, more than 1.600 participants have already completed the Akademie's 13 specialist training courses. And if that wasn’t the only reason to celebrate, 2019 the company had to solemnize its 10th anniversary, too.

The Immobilien Investment Akademie commissions our event agency from Dresden to individually implement a high-quality gala event for 140 invited guests. Which location would have been better suited than the magnificent Albrechtsberg Castle, high up on the Elbe slope with its sublime view of the entire city?

At the castle, guests enjoyed an all-round successful evening with top-class culinary delights, a show that, in addition to the courageous performers, also inflamed the hearts of the audience and rousing dance music until the early hours of the morning.

The customer gave this event completely in the hands of our event agency eventshoch2. Starting with the event concept, through guest management, to event implementation in the evening, as well as artist management and all other organizing things - we took care of every detail and ensured that our clients celebrated and enjoyed the evening with their guests.